Monday, 24 June 2019

Choosing the best preschool for your child

It is common for parents to get highly overwhelmed when it is time to look for the best preschool for their child’s early childhood education. While online data is there to provide you with all the info that you need about the best preschool in Kandivali West, finding a quality playschool can still be a challenging task.

Here are a few tips to help parents choose the best preschool for their child:

Ask for referrals

The best way to finding a good preschool in your area is asking your family members, friends, acquaintances, and neighbors for suggestions, as some of them must have themselves had their child’s early childhood education done somewhere. Talk to them regarding the preschool’s philosophy, curriculum, reputation and staff members. Prepare a shortlist of preschools that you’d like to visit for yourself.

First impressions

First impressions tell a lot, although you should simply depend on just the first impressions. Is the preschool clean, bright, and inviting? Pay close attention to the feeling that you get as soon as you walk into the front gate of the preschool.

Teacher’s credentials

It is very important that you check how qualified the teachers are at the preschool. A good playgroup in Kandivali West would take part in various ongoing teacher training programs. Observe how the teachers behave and interact with their fellow students at the preschool, and how they are handling classroom-discipline and guidance. It is crucial that the teachers are well-qualified, trained and skilled in managing the classroom full of such young kids.

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Know if your kids are ready for preschool or not

These days parents are in quite hurry to send their kids to preschool. They feel that the more early the kid will start going to preschool, the more he or she will learn. But this is not right. You can make your kid start early but know a few things to check whether he or she is ready to go for a preschool or not. The preschool in Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, and other cities are very advanced. They help the kids in preparing for the next level in a very appropriate manner. But for that, your kid should also be ready for learning things and for some change, and that you can do at home only. Here are a few things which you can check in your kid to know whether you should send him or her to preschool in Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, and Bangalore or not.

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Age Matters

Some parents start sending their kids to preschool, once she completes 2 years and some after 3 years. We suggest that parents should send kids to preschool after completion of 3 years only. As, your kid should also be ready to understand things, instead of just visiting there.

Can your kid speak properly?

By speaking properly, we mean that can your kid say words in a proper way or not? Many kids are not able to speak clear words and it’s not easy to understand what they are saying, so it can become a difficulty.

Your kid follows the instructions or not

In play school, your kids will have to follow the certain instructions like to walk in a line, clean up after snacking, say rhymes, etc. So, if your kid does not follow such instructions make sure you prepare him or her for this before sending to preschool.

Monday, 28 January 2019

How to Stop Yelling at Your Children?

Raising your own voice is simply a losing battle: this doesn’t discourage any bad behavior and it ultimately gets parents as well as kids more upset. And then, there’s the guilt too, of course – and who really needs more of those? Here are ways to help break through this bad habit of yelling at your kids:

Realize that yelling is just ineffective

One wouldn’t really consider screaming at an annoying neighbor or friend, yet yelling at your misbehaving kid is a standard for most parents. Parents simply assume that since everyone does it, so yelling is harmless. The teachers at the playgroup in Borivali West suggests that, it not juts the case. Yelling only belittles kids and also undermines the bond between parent and child.
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Instead of shouting, just say ‘stop it’

Say ‘stop it’ when your child misbehaves and repeat if necessary. Whenever necessary, how your kid firmly and try to explain it to them that what they are doing is not okay. Parenting experts and the counsellor at playgroup in Borivali suggest that toddlers have around 80% likelihood of repeating the misdeeds with the very same day, and 50% chances of repeating it within a few hours. Instead, repeating your messages without yelling is a better and less harmful tactic in the long run.

Saturday, 22 December 2018

How Preschool Helps with Your Child’s Overall Development

Early childhood is a stage of life where child continues to grow and develop in all sorts of different ways- physically, emotionally, socially, in thinking (cognitive), and in language & literacy skills. A high-quality preschool helps your child develop these areas in best way possible.

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Here’s how your child’s preschool and the teachers will support him in these areas:

Physical development

Physical development is how your child moves his hands and fingers (small motor skills), and legs and arms (large motor skills). Teacher at the playgroup in Borivali West will assist your child learn all these skills by engaging them in various physical activities. Child get to be more active and playful when in a preschool.

Social development

Social skills help your kid get along with the other kids as well as adults. The teacher will work with your child on working together with others and on respecting others. through learning and playing together, your child builds better social skills, self-control and language skills.

Emotional development

It is the age when your child develops a lot emotionally as well. He starts understanding his own feeling as well as feelings of others around him. The teacher at playgroup in Dahisar will help your child recognize and better manage their feelings and behaviors. 

Language & literacy development

It is an age where little ones start to comprehend and communicate through speaking, listening, writing and reading. All these skills are connected to each other. Teachers at high-quality preschools helps children use their communications skills to understand new concepts.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Role of Preschool in Cultural Education

In today’s world, every parent wants their kid to grow up to be global citizens. With so many festivals celebrated around the world, it can get very confusing for the parents to determine as to which of those festivals are to be introduced to their kids and how they would do the same. And this is especially true when it comes to festivals in India itself, as there are so many of them here. In an attempt to prepare the kid for Halloween, the parents often try not to overdo, while also trying to make sure that the kids do rejoice the different kinds of festivals celebrated in the country or region. If you too are one of those concerned parents, then you may rest assured as the best preschool in Thane is always there to offer their assistance.

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While the various festivals and celebrations of the West are being easily welcomed by the current generation, parents are mostly worried about imbibing the kids with the Indian values and teach their kids and make them aware about the Indian culture.

It is becoming more and more important to strike a balance between being modern, global citizens and being rooted with our culture. While home is the best place to learn about one’s culture, the preschool in Mumbai plays a significant role in the same by introducing the kids to the various cultures around the world with help of exciting and fun-filled activities. This way you child grows up more aware and culturally-rooted.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Fostering A Love for Outdoors in Kids

Children are born curious and have an affinity towards nature and outdoors. They are attracted to it, fascinated by it, and they surely are eager to explore the surrounding environment. And this curiosity and fascination often lasts till the age of 14, after which, unless parents have put on concerted efforts to provide their kids with repeated and rich experiences in the outdoor and nature, they often tend to simple lose it.

So, here are some valuable suggestion suggested by the teachers at the Play School in Mumbai to foster a love for outdoors in your kids:

Best Play School In Mumbai
Best Play School In Mumbai - Spring Buds International Pre School

Set an example

It is a well-known fact that children often tend to emulate their parents. If parents spend most of their time engaged in their phones or computer, the kids would want to do same as well. But, if parents show great interest in the nature and outdoors, children might pique their parent’s curiosity too.

Collect stuff

You should allow your kid to bring back to home the natural treasures that he has collected. Set up a table where you can display the rocks, leaves, flowers, sticks, dead bugs, bones, and anything else that they have found.

Send them to preschool

Even after showing your kids the nature yourselves, you possible can’t do enough. Sending your preschool will allow them to have exposure to nature and outdoors from a very early age. The best nursery school in Thane West conducts field trips as well and encourages children to explore their surrounding.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Preschools May Not Be for Every Kid

It is quite unusual in today’s world for children to not have attended a preschool before going to kindergarten, as most of them have been to preschool. However, this doesn’t make it necessary for kids to compulsorily attend preschool to be ready and prepared for kindergarten. Parents are often more than capable of giving their children the experiences much needed to start with schooling.

A good preschool program will have value. It offers the kids an idea as to what school will be like and assists them with learning appropriate classroom behaviors, making the transition from preschool in Mumbai to kindergarten an easier one. Here are a few reasons you should send your child to a preschool:

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• Picking up critical pre-literacy skills like learning most or all of alphabets
• Training in the social skills
• Learning to count
• Learning how to deal with the adults
• Achieving a better sense of independence
• Exposing a kid to wider range of important activities such as artwork and field trips
• Improving a kid’s speaking, learning and communication skills
• Having the opportunity of playing with more kids

A major disadvantage of sending your kid to a preschool is that all the preschool programs aren’t quality programs with the expert teachers and caregivers. Preschool in Thane offers a high-quality preschool program with some great teachers and caregivers to take superior care of your child. It ensures that your child learns and develops all the necessary skills to make a easy transition from preschool to kindergarten.